When you and your partner t-pose after having an orgasm
Yeah, so when me and Jane did the New Testament, I knew she was the one
by gilf21 July 22, 2019
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A more liberal and accepting mindset among Christians. In the New Testament of the Bible, focus is directed more towards forgiveness and tolerance rather than the Old Testament themes of absolution and condemnation. Therefore, the Christians who tend not to force Bibles down people's throats are called New Testament Christians.
dude 1: "I accidentally texted Maura while she was at church last night."
dude 2: "Oh great, is she a Bible Thumper or something?"
dude 1: "Nah she's cool about it, she's a New Testament Christian."
by Dragomir Andreyevich December 7, 2008
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A university term being euphemistic for having a shit. Because the Gideon's free bible is generally the only reading material around that is not related to work.
"Where's Harry gone?" "Oh he's gone to read the new testament"
by ConcreteHorizon November 23, 2006
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