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Fastcore is a term for fast styles of hardcore (ie thrashcore, power violence, crustcore etc). As these genres can sometimes be difficult for people to tell apart, the term Fastcore can be applied to the lot, making the labelling of bands easier.
625 and Sound Pollution are some of the premier fastcore labels in the world
by ConcreteHorizon August 31, 2006
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To fuck, pound etc a person; the act of intercourse.
"I'm bare getting my cleb on tonight"

"Where have they gone?" "Back to Camp Cleb"
by ConcreteHorizon August 30, 2006
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A descriptive term for having intercourse with a lady; supposedly because of bodily fluids.
"Are you getting your balls wet tonight?"

"He bare got his balls wet in your bird last week"
by ConcreteHorizon August 31, 2006
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A university term being euphemistic for having a shit. Because the Gideon's free bible is generally the only reading material around that is not related to work.
"Where's Harry gone?" "Oh he's gone to read the new testament"
by ConcreteHorizon November 23, 2006
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