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The legend....unbending, unrelenting, resolute, headstrong, bold, follows his own path, the one who does things his own way..NO OTHER WAY EXSISTS....

The 'maverick'....The one true unbranded animal.
Much mystery surrounds the maverick and his true identity, it only becomes apparent in certain situations, he has the ability to quaff copious amounts of liquor ('vin rouge' being tipple of choice)what follows can only be described as regaled stories of past rock and roll misdemeanours which casts a spell on any unfortunate soles within the local vicinity...
BEWARE; don't let his golden, flowing locks fool you, legend has it this is where his emmense power and charm comes from.....
by Fan of Lightseeker December 07, 2006
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a spanish word meaning the flipflop
used by latin moms to beat their child's ass
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the mos awesome team in the nba and who has come from the bottom and who has proved to tha nba and the fans that they can play up wit any team in the nba. and they did that jus by gettin to the semis in 03 without one of if not the key player on that team. and they is real exictin to watch and can come from behind in any situation
The Mavericks are the frikkin shitt!
by kate August 07, 2003
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The best basketball team in the NBA, but got cheated out of the Playoffs in 2003.
Representing Dallas, Texas to the fullest but got cheated out of the playoffs in 2003.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* June 18, 2003
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pussy ass basketball team that can't do shit except throw the damn ball up for a prayer
i'm Nick Van Exel, all i can do is throw the ball in the air and make a bitter beer face when i make a shot and think im so cool
by Anonymous June 19, 2003
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