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Often times, individuals in their 20's and 30's who grew up and currently reside in the Macomb, IL area are referred to as a "Macombie Homie" by out-of-townies; or those from either the urban Chicago area or those residing a few hours away from Macomb. What more clearly defines a Macombie Homie is the high level of education, unemployment, and their friendships/love life.

1. Macombie Homies are smart as hell. They have to have a bachelor's degree to survive in a town where college kids possess most of the jobs that were available.

2. A Macombie Homie may be exceptionally bright, but they have a very hard time obtaining a job. Due to efficiency and a forced 24 hr work schedule with the increase of communication technology, less jobs are available for the Homies. Most Macombies will be forced to work with a less than desirable job despite the pride they may have with possessing a higher education.

3. Macombie Homies have an interesting social life. For these individuals, they find their friendships at bars. The town is boring usually at night. So Macombie Homies blend in with college/older folk by altering physical appearances and being exceptionally skilled in the bedroom. (They become masters of sex, nerdy videogames, and everything awesome!!)
One Macombie Homie can be seen frequenting a particular bar by himself: Within the night, he will be approached and flirted with by ten women--and will be continued to be surrounded by women that do or don't know him. About fifteen guys will approach him to shake his hand/ pat him on the back, buy him a drink, and try to hit on the women around him. He always sits alone and keeps to himself, yet always ends up conversing with a variety of individuals (getting quite a few laughs in with them), and usually leaves alone with a warm and deep expression in his face. A few believe he is a secret agent. Many women think he's really "sexy", "funny", and "a real mystery". Often times they will take two or three glances at him before sitting next to him and starting a conversation with him. Guys think "he's fucking awesome" or "that badass motherfucker", or "the guy that always has eye candy surrounding him" The Macombie Homie always has a backstory about their life and will share bits and pieces of their experience in town, along with their skillsets.
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