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Also referred to as The Luigi Symdrome.
This is a sentient diesease that is placed inside all Video Games, but commonly the symptoms are only recongnisable in certain titles.
This was originally noticed by the old N64 players in the hit classic
Mario Party. The Symdrome only kicks in when the AI or NPC is faced with certain defeat, so in order to win the Computer will bend the game mechanics and often break them entirely to secure the victory. Since Luigi was playable in Mario Party but most people would use him as the AI in the game, it was named The Luigi Syndrome after the AI often played by him would develop these symptoms. Though Mario Party was one of the most harshly effected titles, it was said to be found in many platformers and fighting games before it such as the Super Star Wars Trilogy on the SNES.
This however is not to be mistaken with the "Boss Battle Physics Symdrome/Cell Symdrome", that is found in some fighting games such as Dragonball Z Budokai/Tenkaichi.
The Luggers Symdrome is thought of to be a legend, but some people have embraced the charecter Luigi as a Deity and follow him in a religous sense. These people call themselves "As one with the Luggers" and claim that as reward for being his servant, the symdrome does let them win from time to time. Others treat Lugi as a Menace and believe that as he is the Symdromes physical form, destroying him will break the Symdromes hold on them forever. The later tend to be "Hardcore Gamers" who study the Luggers methods of sabotage, claiming that he uses discreet glitches and over powered attacks to defeat his foes.
Oh man....I got Luggersed!!!!

Finally, i am as one with the Luggers.

F**king Luggersing peice of S**t!!!!

Dude, that game has got the Luggers Symdrome....BAAAAD.

Luigi you green F**K, you just got a roll of 10 onto a mushroom, then rolled a 4 onto a ?, then i got Bowser and you stole the star.......(Controller Throw.)

Dude...Darth Vader is Lugi!!!!NOOOO THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!
by Gray Foks January 23, 2009
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