A kickass audio drama about a civil war between two powerful groups of Immortals, created by all around badass Christof Laputka. Listening to The Leviathan Chronicles is possibly one of the greatest things that will ever happen to your ears, ever. Period. No arguments.

Also, it's FREE.

All of your arguments for not listening to The Leviathan Chronicles are, by default, invalid.
Fan #1: Hey, did you listen to the season finale of The Leviathan Chronicles?

Fan #2: Yes, and it was the greatest thing that had ever happened to my ears, ever. Period. No arguments.

Soon-To-Be-Fan: Hey, where can I find this Leviathan Chronicles thing?

Fan #3: At www . leviathanchronicles . com , or the iTunes store.
by THE OBL June 20, 2010