The second part of the first Last of Us that earned pool of money and will be released 2019 and took 6 GOD DAMN years to make.
Everyone: "MAKE ANOTHER The Last of Us 2"
Naughty Dog/Developers: "Ok ummm when maybe 6 years for the original fuck fans"
by Im 11 so stfu May 11, 2018
A game that many people hated because of a character dying. I enjoyed the game tho
Person 1: Man I hate the last of us 2 because they killed that one guy

Me: I like the game it’s pretty good
by BallerPax December 4, 2021
Sequel to the first game "The Last of Us". Made by Naughty Dog.
Criminally underrated and fanboy always cry because of the story in the beginning.
Random Guy: "The Last of Us Part 2 is so trash. How could the kill one of the best characters off like that!? WORST. GAME. EVER."
Me: "Listen here you lil shit.."
by etern4ljay June 9, 2021
A massive mistake and make me want to game end myself.
Last of us part 2 big gay.
by Big dick honkey November 12, 2020