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The Kunga Effect: 1) The ability to use obscure, unpublished, and cryptic evidence to completely demolish somebody's thesis, e.g. Bahrani(A.D. 4-17-2010, "The Egyptian Image in Context" ca. 12:00 post meridiem). 2) To shoot down with lasers; see for example, death ray, and Death Star 3) A mythological (or not!!!) Sumerian super-equid involved in the last stand against the invading Semites during the end of the third millennium B.C.
:"Dude, did Wengrow just suffer the bitch-slapping wrath of The Kunga Effect?"
:"Oh yes--yes, he did."
:"Once the unyielding power of the lasers is unleashed..."
:"You CAN'T BEAT the laser."
by Donkey Kunga April 22, 2010
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