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The Internationale is the Communist's, Anarchist's, and Socialist's theme song. It was originally written in French, but has been translated into upwards of 30 different languages including Russian, German, English, Hebrew, Chinese, and Japanese. It was the national anthem for the USSR from the 1920's until about 1944. The anthem was then changed to the Hymn Of The Soviet Union. The Internationale remains to this day one of the most widely recognized songs ever written. It is costumary that if you support what the song stands for (Fighting against tyrany and opression of your government, and making it so the working class prevails) you should take your right hand, and make a fist and hold the fist up in the air as a tribute to the inspirational song.
Man 1: I was watching an anti-communist video the other day, and I am so glad we live in a capitalist system!
Man 2:...
Man 1:What?
Man 2: You are a dumb retard who does not know what communism is like the other 97% of America, and you should not bash another political system. In fact, I hope that the next time you hear The Internationale, you explode.
Man 1:Yeah Lenin and Marx?
Man 2: Yes...Yeah lenin and marx...
by A Man15151515 March 24, 2007
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