don't look at the hounds, don't look at the hounds.... (looks down) O man I looked at the hounds!
by Professor IDC August 5, 2011
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a pack of smelly dogs who used to live in back of a gas station in Geneva, New York. The Hounds were not well-liked by many people who encountered them. These rancid beasts barked incessantly, and smelled of dog shit.
The hounds were filthy animals whose asses reeked of corn chips.
by Inspector Harry Bush August 18, 2003
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Someone who eagerly and persistently pursues a person even though their communication is unrequited.
Man1: What ever happened with that chick you met last weekend?

Man2: She sent me 10 text messages, 22 emails, and has called me 15 times. She's hounding me!
by TheV-Man January 21, 2011
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to be pursued.
i'm being hounded by this girl
by ganst November 5, 2013
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A status achieved by an athlete. It is something that you know when you see. When someone goes 110% on all the sprints, drills, etc. It it when someone goes fight or die. When someone fights a war on the mat. When someone runs with their life on the field. It generally applies to contact sports. Those who search and fight to reach their goals.
Damn. He just went to school. Cut 7 pounds. Went to practice. And went home just to do homework. He is a hound.

Damn. When he trucked that receiver back five yards he became a hound.
by swagbot3000 November 22, 2018
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Boys infatuated with an English nympho who leads them on a merry old chase before they get their way with her.
The hounds are loose in Windsor Park; they'll find her soon.
by Windsorgirl September 3, 2010
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A manwhore, pimp, player. Guys that uses girls for sex or the pleasure. They STAY cheating on there girlfriends OR they have TOO many girls on them that they talk to.
Rica - "Girrrl, you know that Andre boy? He is TOO cute!!"
Jasmin - "Nawh, don't talk to him. He just a hound, he gonna play you if you do."
by floridagirl94 August 29, 2010
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