The Hetalia Fandom is a unescapable fandom that has countries, gay ships, and multiple fangirls. Hetalia is the anime that they watch most and the people in the fandom are called Hetalians. They love pasta and sausage but they call the sausage wrust.
wow there is no escape out of The Hetalia Fandom
by Silver-Chan December 28, 2018
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A large group of girls (and some dudes) that enjoy the manga and anime Axis Powers: Hetalia. Mainly with an age group between 11-17. Most of the fans enjoy yaoi (boy on boy relationships) and some fans enjoy hetro (girl on boy) or yuri (girl on girl).
Fan: *sobs while reading Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart*

Normal Person: *is scared of the Hetalia Fandom*
by RavenSkyToTheGrooves July 11, 2015
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A crazy fandom of women that love homosexual men but the men act like "No homo bitch " after Having sex with another dude but are secretly homo
Germany ; -in bed after sex with Italy- No homo btw. Omg I love the hetalia fandom
by Secretly the homo God April 20, 2015
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