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The master of the Undermap and it's third level. He was once Derf's best friend but then stole the secret to winning The Game, therefore giving him great power but making him an obvious jackass so Derf kicked him out of the Emerald Arcade. The Great Spectator then created his own realm to rule where all people go if they are killed in a game after doing something such as ninja looting or screen looking and they have to pass through the 3 Red Rings of the Undermap and endure it's trials then get kicked out with another chance, but, if you are a supreme jackass in life, after you die ,depending on how bad of a jackass you were, you get sent to one of the Red Rings. You could even get sent to the secret 4th Ring (where you'll get pwned by the Great Spectator) if you're bad enough. Through this he now serves a purpose and, his jackass status revoked, him and Derf now hang out again and is actually a pretty cool inter-dimensional being.
Player 1: 0h! pwn3d n00b!
Player 2: but dude you screen looked!
Player 1: and n00b n00bi3 n00b3r5on?
Player 2: (Shoots Player 1 in the face)
(the Great Spectator floats up from the Undermap)
The Great Spectator: come with me jackass!
Player 1: NOOOOOO!!!!! (noclips into the Undermap)
Player 2: woohoo!! thank you Great Spectator!
by Derf's Prophet September 27, 2009
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