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An extreme form of playing hard to get where a male acts as if he respects women to make them fall madly in love with him. This often includes said male letting a woman know he is attracted to her, then will claim to be a virgin and say he wants to wait for the “right girl” . When you try kissing him, he’ll admit that he gets nervous around girls and when you least expect it, he’ll kiss you. He won’t make the first move, but will flirt with you all the time. When you try hanging out with him, he’ll cancel plans at the last minute, then apologize with an innocent smile, and all anger will immediately disappear. As a result of The Edward Cullen Effect, you’ll want to do every sexual thing possible with said attractive male.
“Look at Drew! He claims to be prude, but I think he’s just trying ‘The Edward Cullen Effect’.”
by KSteinberg October 17, 2009
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