The deadliest weapon known to a Latin kid; a flying slipper/ flip-flop.
by TardisBae October 31, 2014
Every hispanic child's worse fear and every hispanic mother's favorite tool.
Kid: Mami i dont want to wash the dishes! no quiero!!!
Mom: Ah..i see, quieres la chancla pinche pendejo? eh?
Kid: No mami! no!

*kid starts washing dishes*
Mom: Eeesssooo, que bien.
by RandomOfCourse February 1, 2020
A flip-flop, slipper, or slide used as a dual use weapon (can be thrown or used for a direct hit) by latina females when angred by their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/whatever else, children, or a friend.
Latina: Talk back one more time and I will get la chancla.
Child: *talks back*
Latina: Estoy recibiendo el chancla! (I'm getting the chancla)
Latina: Beats childs ass for being a little bitch
by Queen Cass September 30, 2017
A flip flop used by Latin moms to beat up their kid when she is angered. Deadliest weapon known to any Latin kid. Moms never miss with a chancla.
Friend: Hey, why is your leg all red?
You: My mom hit me with a chancla
by Pabluno09 November 24, 2017
Do u want a chancla. No that's what I thought
by the-bird February 26, 2018
What Mexicans use to throw at their kids. If your parents have never thrown a Chancla at you. Then you never had a childhood.
Friend "Dude why is your eye black? Did you get beat up. "
Me" no my mom nailed me with a chancla yesterday after i told her i got a girl l pregnant,"
Friend "Damm"
by Tight_pussy January 10, 2014
is a flip flop used by a mexican female to beat their child or husband for doing something that angers her.
Friend, "Hey, why are you limping?"
Husband, "She cought me with the nanny and beat me with the chanclca."


Run!! Mom's drunk and she's got the chancla!!
by ilovepeople January 2, 2008