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The key corners of the triangle are participation/ love of concerts, beers, and women. The list is in no particular order and allows light flexibility between which is more important. No single corner should be able to affect the others I.e. going to a concert with a lady friend should not mean no alcohol (unless you are the DD not dad dick). All reactions caused by the action of partying (all 3 corners) shall not be stressed about until the aforementioned act of partying is finished, for example bodily fluids expended into a vehicular mass. If entered properly, it takes tremendous effort to leave the triangle. Acknowledging all corners and utilizing in nightly activity choices will cause you to be a "Bruddah". Taking part in the activity of "Cornhole"can vastly improve your involvement in the Bruddah triangle.
This Dante kid likes women, beer and concerts. Not in that exact order either. I think he's trying to fly into the bruddah triangle
by beerbruddah March 27, 2015
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