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The Angry Simba is similar to BOTH "The Angry Pirate" & "The Simba" but done at the same time. Thus creating "The Angry Simba".

It is a talent for just one man to pull this stunt off. Better done in a Devils Threesome, which no man should go down.

Meaning of the "Simba": The act of smearing cum upon the forehead of someone else and saying slowly "Simba" as Rafiki did to the image of Simba on his Tree in the Disney film The Lion King.

Meaning of "The Angry Pirate": A male is receiving oral sex from a female, when he pulls out and ejaculates in her eye, causing the female to cover her eye with one hand which simulates an eye patch. The male then kicks the female in the shin, causing her to jump around on one foot, simulating a peg leg, whilst yelling "ARRHHHH". Thus The Angry Pirate is born.
Craig: I tried to get this girl to do The Angry Simba with me the other night. I failed.

Egore: You know it's better done in a Devils threesome yeah?

Craig: Yes, but i'm not willing to try it.
by TheAngrySimba June 16, 2010
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