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The Afterfuck Shutdown is when after cumming in a girls face if she decides to stay the night, you turn off the gas and electric and water,throw her clothes outside, and tell that stanky booty bitch get the fuck out of my territory.
Girl : "hey baby that was nice mind if i stay i'm too drunk to leave".
boy: "ok sure go in the bathroom and get cleaned up".
boy; *runs downstairs grabs flashlight and turns off everything then proceeds to take her clothes and throw them out onto the open sidewalk*.
girl: "what the fuck was that for??'
boy : "get the fuck out bitch you aint sleeping here"!
girl: "no wonder you are alone and nobody loves you.. you're probably one of those creeps that use urban dictionary and jacks off to tentacle porn all day".
The Afterfuck Shutdown
by AniyahTheFatFuck November 05, 2013
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