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The 44th PUSS STAIN ~ is a methodology in which to define the 44th POTUS because in reality pus stain is typically something that you associate with something utterly disgusting. In this respect the The 44th PUSS STAIN satisfies every aspect of being utterly repugnant because he has no moral turpitude and has defined himself as a complete and utterly untrustworthy semi-human being ~ for the following reasons;
1. He has broken every major campaign promise that he ran on!

2. He has not supplied the documents necessary to prove that he is worthy to be the president of the United States!

3. He has 44 czars when he said he would hire none before he became the 44th PUSS STAIN!!

4. And now he is crippling the United States with carbon taxes about to go into effect healthcare regulations and the expansion of a war that most people agree we shouldn't even be part of.

5. The 44th PUSS STAIN will go down in history as a traitor to the Constitution of the United States of America that should have been tried for treason found guilty and hung until dead!

6. Signed Michael Fazio author of Angels on the a.k.a. HoodwinkedbyanAngel
by hoodwinkedbyanangel November 20, 2010
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