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10. If you find yourself alone in a house, hospital, city, or underground complex, you're going to die.

9. If you can't find your teammates, they're dead.

8. No violence, no fun.

7. If you have a gun, there is something that wants to get shot.

6. If that something isn't human, it only makes the situation more enjoyable.

5. There are no ugly girls, especially if you're playing as one.

4. It isn't dead if it's still in one piece.

3. The thing you want to find is always on the other side of the map.

2. It takes more skill and talent to play a plastic guitar than a wooden one.

1. Despite how good you are, there is always someone better.
The 10 Laws of Video Games need no example. Play a video game, and you'll see...
by the man who LOST THE GAME January 15, 2009
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