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1. A sexy, young, dark-hair/dark-eyed male with an irresistibly attractive face and a beautiful personality.

2. That one guy all girls want because he puts every other guy to shame.

3. Walking definition of the most perfect boyfriend in existence.

4. Always found paired with a Lisa.

5. (noun) a Thauan a person who is always looking out for best peoples interests and would never set out to hurt someone for their benefit.

6. (verb) to Thauan an act of kindness, that is far from common courtesy thats purpose is to intensionally make the receiver feel good about themselves.

7. (adverb) Thauanly an action that it is done out of the blue, unexpectedly with total sincerity.

antonyms: artem, artemely, artemed...
Guy 1: My girlfriend met Thauan the other day and they're becoming close friends.

Guy 2: Shit, man. You've already lost her.

Girl 1: Thauan is so perfect. I wish he'd talk to me again.

Girl 2: Not gonna happen. He's fallen completely in love with Lisa.
by jjlatexrs February 08, 2011
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