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Used for exclaiming that a situation is absurd because it involves someone gaining power that they don't know how to handle and will fuck things up usually in a comical or really fucked up way. Originated from when i (Funzzzies DasFez) saw the monkey that gets an ak47 video where some Africans give a monkey an AK and they get wrecked.
Hilary Clinton might be president. THATS LIKE GIVING A FUCKING MONKEY AN AK47.
Alright boys steve is gonna babysit for you tonight(steve is a pot-smoking fuck up). The fuck mom thats like giving a monkey an ak47.

Little brother gets a car before you. THATS LIKE GIVING A MONKEY AN AK47!
Drillbit Taylor movie villain the bully is 18 therefore has a house to himself without parent supervision, imagine T-dog saying that's like giving a fucking monkey an ak47 in response to that. that is how you use it.

Definition: That's like giving a monkey an AK-47 Basically used whenever someone very under qualified or unable gains power and you disagree and exclaim that that is like giving a damn monkey an ak-47 which is an automatic rifle.
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by FUNZZZIES DASFEZ April 12, 2017
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