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Hot and extremely sexy young man. Native to the south-west of Egypt. Known for high intelligence, good looks, and various necessary and important "talents."

An extraordinary man with the most lovely bedroom eyes, an absurdly seductive grin, and beautiful brown hair that always smells absolutely wonderful. He is always warm, and ticklish in a few places that make him twitch cutely. He has great legs, nice muscles, and large feet and hands. He is strong, handsome, sexy, and beautiful. He is intelligent, absolutely hilarious, loving, teasing, sweet, and thoughtful. He leads a very intense life and proves himself to be very hardy in doing so. He hides any hint of pain very well, and rarely opens up, but when he does he shows just how strong he really is. He is loved more than he'll ever realize. He is perfect in every way.
That sexy brunette girl is SOOO lucky: she knows an Thamil.
by Claire Tisdale April 10, 2011
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