The name of rail franchisee in the UK, operating under a management contract who fail at the most fundamental operational areas of business such as employment of enough staff.

A euphemism for when an upcoming event or situation that is advertised to be a huge success yet anyone with opposable thumbs could have predicted would result in a fuck-up of epic proportions then proceeds exactly as planned creating a shitstorm beyond all human comprehension.

The situation concludes with all involved and responsible for the entirely predictable shitstorm then attempting to bodyswerve any responsibility by blaming the situation onto many unpredictable factors such as the sun rising in the morning and snow falling in the winter time.
Jesus fucking christ, I went for a look inside that Chernobyl reactor and took some fuel rods as souvenirs and now I'm told I only have 3 days to live, that all went a bit Thameslink.

I really didn't like that movie so I kept watching it to see if the ending would change and the hero wouldn't die? - That's a bit Thameslink to think the ending would change.

Officer, I did not buy cocaine, it must have gotten blow into the window and landed on the table in a line like that! - You expect me to believe that? How Thameslink do you think I am.
by Angie Dull June 11, 2018
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