Area codes: 510, 415, 650, 925, 707, 408, lightweight 209...home of the Oakland A's, Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, SF 49er's, San Jose Sharks, San Jose Earthquakes & San Jose Saber Cats.

Background: People like Tupac, Mac Dre, E-40, groups like The Luniz, The Federation, Heiroglyphics, and many more are from tha bay. Tha Bay is known to produce many Ballerz, Rappers, slangers and is home of the illest people.
I'ma head to Tha Bay for tha weekend and hit up tha clubz.
by itz nuthin 2 me biatch February 13, 2005
San Fransyko Bay Area, 415(Frisco, West Bay) 707 ( North Bay ) 510 ( Oakland, East Bay) 925 ( skirts of the East Bay ) 408 (South Bay, San Jose ) 209 ( Rest of South Bay ) Home of Gangstas 'n Killas and a shit loada Drug Dealas.
Recognize Tha Bay
by Masochist June 3, 2003