An unnanounced hiatus in a text conversation, which can last any amount of time. It usually occurs when one of the conversing parties leaves their computer, or turns off their phone, and the remaining party is left hanging. Often the remaining chatter will fill the text chasm with assinine remarks, mistaking the chasm for speechlessness. When the missing chatter returns, sometimes the next day, the text chasm is collapsed.
Chatter 1: 'Yeah they totally rocked the house last night"
Chatter 2: "For sure, what an amazing set."
Chatter 1 now leaves, creating a text chasm.

Chatter 2: "That keyboardist was smokin hot."
Chatter 2: "Did you see the guitarist fall over? What a loser."
Chatter 2: "I fucked your sister last night."

Chatter 1 returns much later, reads the last comment and is upset.
by Hexis February 05, 2009
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