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To stick a wet, moist Kleenex tissue used to wipe up cum onto someone's wall. Texas Wallpaper is similar to that of a traditional Tissue Swipe except that in the case of Texas Wallpaper, the tissue that is used to wipe up semen and/or vaginal juices after masturbation, a handjob or after vaginal or anal coitus, one sticks the tissue to the wall. It is imperative that the tissue still be moist or in a semi-moist state in order to stick. The allure of the Texas Wallpaper is the ability to create a wonderful display and conversation piece of multiple tissues with each tissue having its own unique story to tell. Sexual frequency clearly determines one's ability to decorate effectively with Texas Wallpaper. Texas Wallpaper was recently featured on Do It Yourself Network.
Stan blew his wet, steamy load on his girlfriend April's chest. After grabbing a tissue and wiping off his man load, Stan quickly selected a nice spot and plastered up some Texas Wallpaper. April's wall was beginning to look like a tissue paper covered float in the Texas Cavaliers River Parade.
by Ben Dribblin March 19, 2015
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