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When a girl with pig tails is giving you head, grab the pig tails and pull her farther towards you with tremendous force. In the process of doing this, also perform very agressive hip thrusts towards her.
Last night, when Ashley came over,I gave her the Texas Jackhammer. I was so surprised that she had so little class to let me do this to her, that I broke up with her shortly afterwards.
by B J Whackett October 15, 2008
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A Sex Move In Which You Are Standing Up With Your Partner And You Hold Them Upside Down And Fuck Them In The Mouth. You Then Drop Them On Their Head As You Fall To Your Knees, You Pull You Dick Out Of Their Mouth And Jizz In Their Face As They Hit Their Head.

Usually Resulting In Death Or Mental Retardation.
Anthony: "I Can't Believe You Gave Nancy The Texas Jackhammer Last Week!"
Chad: "Yeah Dude, It Was Intense, i Didn't Mean Do Do It That Hard Though, It Annihilated Her."
Anthony: " Yeah Dude, She'll Never Be The Same, Well We Better Go Back To Her Funeral"
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