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Beautiful and enigmatic mammal. Commonly seen in college environments. The Tetracydaphodeathalon enjoys deep, profound analytic excursions delving into other mammals minds. They seek to understand the oddicies of other mammals and how to help nurture and restore to them their normal functioning tasks and thought processes. Other points of interests include, but are not limited to, reading fantasies, listening to music, lounging at the beach, and most of all spending time with it's mate for life. A commonly believed opinion is that the Tetracydaphodeathalon is exceptional at keeping it's mate happy through masterful fellatio and other sexual happenings. This fact can not be verified at the moment due to no solid recordings of the Tetracydaphodeathalon in their moments of intimacy. As studies continue, it is highly hoped that such data will be recorded and stored for further analysis.
As I was walking to class today I swear I saw a Tetracydaphodeathalon! She was giving head to someone behind a classroom!
by Haroldo Antoine Procuccio March 09, 2011
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