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Any male that lives next to a lesbian couple. Often sought for advice on raising male children, or as a checkpoint/soundboard for the juxtaposition of female/male lifestyles.

The counsel or information from the Testoguru is sought via subtle means. Generally encountered in the back yard.
"Xabder is out of control. He won't play sports with the other boys. He won't finish his meals. Are we losing him?"

"He's 9."

"I want the best for him, in a meatless way... I try to reach him, but it's probably because as a woman, he doesn't really look at me as a model of authority."

"Yeah, well.. I've tried too. Go ask the TestoGuru next door, he has a son."

"Ugh. Probably grilling pork chops.. ok.."

"Make sure to be subtle.."
by paul z ated August 02, 2016
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