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Going to jump off a high place. Hope that, when you press A on your Xbox or X on your Ps4 controller that a Glider will catch you. Therefore, Saving your life. Sometimes it doesn’t work and therefore... Your deceased. When this adjective is used it’s usually used to say your having a bad day and you no longer want to live

(Glider Redeploys - used in the game Fortnite that catch you when falling off of high places)
Carlo - “I'm listening to XXXTentacion right now, and damn It’s-”
Patryk - “Depressing... yeah.”
Carlo - “Might have to go on my roof so that I can test my Glider Redeploys.”
Patryk - “Bro same here.”
Carlo - “Well, see ya later man”
Patryk - “I’ll be testing my glider redeploys as well mannnnn.”
by NBA SlowBoy August 30, 2019
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