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Another meaning for testefy:

To defile a target object or person using your scrotum sack, causing them to be immobilized with fear, giving you an unfair advantage over the victim.
Hey Jack, I should wake up George and testefy him.

That kids balls hang so low he testefies the grass when he walks.

Breaking news: Man dies from testefication.

The local testemorph testefied his dog and it died.
by MrGibblet May 13, 2009
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To exert a large amount of force or pressure to a male's testicles or general genital area.

Pronounced Teste-fy.
You've been TESTEfied.

Shut up, or I'll testefy you.

Kid 1: You're a jerk!
Kid 2: You have no balls *kicks kid 1 in groin*
Kid 3: You've been testefied by Kid 2!
by MrGibblet May 12, 2009
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