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When you have a small ride or die Friend the size of a hobbit child of which you smother in salt and insert into the anus as the small friend will be shouting and yelling when inserted it will provide a vibrating effect in order to reach maximum climax.
My midget friend was being nasty so I threw salt on her as a lubricant and inserted her into my anus and did a Tersia. She wasn't nasty after that again.
by The Midget lover October 10, 2017
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Highly wanted commodity but one of a kind and worth the effort. Best functioning vibrator in the land - the Tersia has over 100 different vibrating functions and a special bean flicking life like finger feature. With The Tersia by your side, you'll never want a real penis inside or near you again (man or women).

I came in 30 seconds with The Tersia on vibrating function 52. 53 isn't bad but 52 is my favourite Tersia mode.
by Come Queen September 15, 2017
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