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1. The big digit on a Dravidian foot.
2. A Dravidian Glans Penis of gargantuan dimensions, or the very visible protrusion it & associated Dravidian
male genitalia form against lower garments.

On account of its only partial retraction upon detumescence, the typical Dravidian Penis when flaccid already exceeds the average Aryan Penis when fully erect. This is both a result of the evolutionary enlargement of the 'Telingana Black Snake' to act as a heat exchanger in the hot South Indian climate, as well as the great thickness & consequent lack of sensitivity of the "Binghi Skin" - the Negroid-Australoid epidermis. Coupled with
the heaviness of Dravidian Testicles, the clothed Dravidian Man typically has a massive protrusion from the groin.

The Terrible Tamil Toe is so called on account of it being a great intimidation for us Aryan males, posing as a emasculating reminder of the embarassingly small size of our 'Ganges Worms'. Conversely, it is of great titillating
interest for our Aryan females, due to the enormous temptations of its prized contents. Hence, Dravidoid males are fond of showing off their Terrible Tamil Toes, both in order to inflict ego-destroying Shudra Penis Envy upon us Aryan males, & to publicly seduce our Caucasoid womenfolk. Tight pyjamas, undersized trousers, rubber bathing-trunks & transparent lungis are thus an integral part of the South Indian male wardrobe.
1) The term has a hoary history, achieving its potency by being a direct reference to Sita's drawing of Ravana's "terrible toe" in East Aryan versions of the Ramayana. The Sanskrit term 'Anguṣṭhaṃ Bhayaṅkaraṃ' ("Terrible Toe") and its extension 'Anguṣṭhaṃ Bhayaṅkaraṃ Dravidam' (the original source for the English "Terrible Dravidian Toe" or "Terrible Tamil Toe") are mentioned in the E. Indo-Aryan Ramayanas: "According to the Ānandarāmāyaṇa when Kaikeyī asks Sītā to draw the demon king, Sītā tells her that she cannot; since she had chastely stared at the ground all the while she saw nothing of him except for the unavoidable sight of the big toe on his right foot. Kaikeyī insists that Sītā draw the "terrible toe" (anguṣṭhaṃ bhayaṅkaraṃ) and once Sītā has done so, Kaikeyī fills in the rest of the picture (5.3.40)." ('Rāmāyaṇa traditions in eastern India: Assam, Bengal, Orissa', William L. Smith. 2nd ed. N Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal, 1995, p.95)

2) The muscular black Malabari Mal-Yuddam wrestler walked up to the slender Punjabi fighter &, grabbing his ears, effortlessly pushed him onto his knees. Then he smashed the Fair Boy's face into his Terrible Tamil Toe, knocking out the Aryan.

3) Chote Miyan: That South Indian Goonda Ravanoo has a Terrible Tamil Toe!
Burra Miyan: No wonder all our Hindi Londis (girls) run after him!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza May 25, 2011
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