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(n) Terranoob.

Terranoob is a term used by noobs in an ironic way to poke fun at pros and non-noobs to detract from their own noobishness.

Terranoob arose as a portmanteau of two mutually unrelated terms, terabyte and noob. It is often wondered how or why these two words were chosen, and indeed many ancient philosophers have spent much of their lives pondering this in vain.

In modern times it is assumed that the original coiner was himself a Terranoob, or, quite possibly a "Noobanfield", ergo the spelling error in the word.
Noobanfield: "Hi Terranoob!"
Terranoob: "Haha, I' such a noob!"
Noobanfield feels better about his noobiness.
by Tonkelate March 19, 2011
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A person who has gone beyond the basic description of a noob. Normally to a degree of 10^12. This person can also be unaware of their terranoob status and should be reminded regularly
That Tobias guy is a terranoob, and has no idea what is going on
by Katepunkoss February 19, 2011
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