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Greek for Spear Strength. A full Assyrian, at roughly 5'2" she stands, with big dazzling brown eyes and long curly brown hair. Shes beatiful in every single aspect. Shes funny, adorable, exotic, gorgeous, determined, radiant, smart, creative and easily the most caring girl you'll ever meet. She loves God, cuddling, nutella, being absolutely ceazy, watching The Hangover, eating at Chipotle, avid in astronomy and complete romantic. If your feeling down shes the girl that uplifts you instantly with her personality that will never seems to cease to amaze you and that you find yourself constantly getting lost in. Shes the only girl on the planet with that name and there couldn't be a more deserving person to claim it. If you fall in love with her its impossible to let her go. Shes a princess.
I've fallen madly in love with Terodia.
by hahokaydude February 04, 2010
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