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Verb (Past-Tense): Getting brutally cock-blocked/immediately ditched by a sexy girl (in a social setting) due to the presence of a very attractive man who has no interest in the gorgeous women he unknowingly pulls from your grasps. Most relevant when in conversation with a beautiful female and a particular handsome man enters the room, she immediately diverts conversation and attention to him, leaving you sad and alone, even though you are interested and he is not.
"Man I got Terlizzied at the bar last night AGAIN! I was talking to this gorgeous girl then the Olympian Ideal of a man walks in and she literally stopped mid-sentence, walked over and started drooling over him. The worst part was he had no interest in any of the girls there but they all went to him. I was so close to scoring with her too! Terlizzied again!
by AMF2587 May 06, 2010
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