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The short-lived, allbeit loved Reform Party Candidate for the 2004 Election, Candidate David Terhune took the political world by storm; narrowly losing the debate to the Green Party Candidate, and rocking the Election Rally, giving a powerful, moving, and energizing speach that Rally Co-ordinater and teacher Matt Campbell called "One of the top three best speaches I have ever heard in my life ever." Although the Reform Party did not win the election, they ended up in a record third place, barely behind second, winning an unpresidented number of electoral votes. When asked about this defeat, Campaign Manager Jesse Snyder commented: "Well we're a third party, so we were at a disadvantage from the start, as far as money and noteriety went. The Republicans beat us only because of the size of their pocketbook, and I think a comparison of the two candidates would prove this to be true."
Former Reform Candidate David Terhune was not available for comment. Most likely, this young and energetic entrepreneur is off working on his next big idea, so keep your eyes on the news America, there is no doubt that we have not heard the last of this entrepreneur.
There was never a more energetic, righteouss, and humble politician in the entire world than David Terhune. In the entire world, not a more humble politician can be found.
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