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Also referred to as weed, ganja, bud, green, or trees, it is the primary ingredient of the common safety meeting.

Terbage has been known to cure glaucoma, stimulate appetite, and produce brilliant ideas when used correctly. However, it should not be used directly before operating heavy machinery, trying to go to the bar, or walking into your parents house when you know they're still going to be up and you're gonna have to try to talk to them.

Terbage thrives in many environments, and can often be found on chairlifts or at barbeques, disc golf tournaments, and in that secret compartment in the center console.

Syn: Weed, Ganja, Bud, Green, Trees, Herb
Brosef! Just picked up some terbage, shall we do the honors?

Dude, time for a safety meeting. Wheres the terbage?

Should we terb it up?

by ThisAintKyle March 27, 2010
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