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Describes any underhanded action.
Brad- Man, he gave me 50 cents instead of 75.
Pat- He totally Tennessee two-stepped you

Pat- See his magic trick?
Brad- Ah, the old Tennessee Two-step
by Kyle Mackay-Allen June 30, 2008
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When you impregnate a girl you met last night at the bar and then leave an upper decker in her toilet the next morning.
Paul got lucky last night, took this girl home and gave her the Tennessee Two-Step by morning.
by TN Decker July 21, 2019
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In multiplayer melee combat oriented video games the "Tennessee Two-Step" is a basic tactic used to out maneuver your opponent.
"Just give the zombies the ol' Tennessee Two-Step with an axe."
"The German soldier just pulled out his bayonet and gave me the Tennessee Two-Step"
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by Staypuft Marshmallow Man August 18, 2017
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