Dude check out that flowin' Tennessee Top Hat! It's permed!
by Snotbubble January 8, 2010
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A mullet haircut worn by one from the Volunteer State.
That ole boy collecting parking money at the “Celebration” in Murfreesboro this past September had a beautiful flowing Tennessee Top Hat mullet.
by Mashrabbit August 18, 2018
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Another word for a mullet, a long under rated hair style that truly exudes power, respect, and most importantly, dignity.
If George W. had a Tennessee top hat, we would not be in the situation we are in now...Osama would have turned himself in years ago out of sheer respect for the mad mullet W. was sportin'!
by ruthless November 17, 2004
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Tennessee top hat- the act of taking a giant dump on the top of someone’s head before, during, or after intercourse.
I told that Bitch she looked like Abraham Lincoln and to prove it I gave her a Tennessee top hat.
by LickitySplits May 4, 2019
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