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Some one born in Tenerife, of spanish nationality but usually accused of being African due to being closer to africa then spain.

Tenerifian's call themselves Chicharreros, and within spain they are called Tinerfenhos.

They are people with a great sence of humour, even thought they are short they have been greatly designed, and they are better looking and overall better than the rest of spain and quite possibly the world, they are incredibly better than people from Gran Canaria too (canariones) as they are a bunch of gay chulos.
''Olle Javier, arent you going to help your neighbor Miguel who has just fallen off his moto, and his leg is pointing the wrong way... and some dog its trying to run off with its bone?''

''No, sod him, he is Canarion!''

PS - daddy yankey is not Tenerifian
by Damanisjon October 04, 2006
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