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TPS (Temecula Prep School or Temecula Prison System) A school so damn depressing that every student wants to kill themselves everyday. They assign 5 hours of homework every night thinking the students are robots and dont have lives. Like seriously we have to wake up at 6:00 get ready, go to school, get home at around 3, do homework (5 hours), and still try to keep up with extra curricular activities, sports, and our social lives. If you go here, im so sorry! Most of the people who go here are the people who can't afford clothes, complain about why there arent enough free dress days, and then when its free dress day they wear the uniform.
Person 1: Ayyy bruh. What school you go to?
Person 2: Temecula Prep :\
Person 1: I'm so sorry......
by Ummm. Please Stop March 15, 2015
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Temecula prep or TPS it is one of the hardest schools you may go to. If you’re there then I’m sorry ur not having fun but that what school is hard work and dedication do don’t be surprised if you don’t like it there, it’s not for everyone but it’s your fault if you don’t succeed so suck it and go to a different school cause TPS is probably to good for you anyway!!
Hey u go to Temecula Prep?


Well that’s hard. ( that’s what she said)
by MintManattee July 28, 2019
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