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1. noun A person who is regularly convinced by his/her local Telstra provider to upgrade services that they don't need, for money they don't have. Often characterised by excessively large data allowances with incredibly low usage.

2. noun The person who is always in front of you in the line at a Telstra shop who does not understand anything the desk clerk is telling them. He/she also always seems to have one more question.

Adam: You know, I hear that Steve has 200 GB of downloads a month!
Eve: Really?! He must download heaps!
Adam: Nah, he just uses Facebook.
Eve: Oh....what a Telstra Idiot!

Customer 1: You say that I have 10 GB of usage a many megabytes is that?
Customer 2: (to himself) Man, that guy is a Telstra Idiot....
by blue_jacket July 21, 2011
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