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A morbid realm that holds evil creatures known as Teletubbies. Teletubbyland is the oldest dimension, created by the Great Brown Bunnies of TeeVee. TeeVee, the bunnies' home, was destroyed long ago by a force of evil known as the Sun of Seven. The bunnies' built the realm with their bare paws, and hired four great sugar warriors and one warrior made of a metal named Noo (a Green Giant, Chuck Norris, Spongebob, hAx0R, and MemeMan) to defend the realm from the Sun. When the Sun of Seven came, well, the land was burning. It was Elemental Fire, and it turned anything made of sugar into evil demons known as Teletubbies. The last remaining warrior, MemeMan (who fought till the end), was turned into a vacuum known as Noo-Noo. He sucked up Tele-Waste made by evil food called tubby-custard and telly-toast, to turn back into MemeMan and save the realm. But for now, the Sun of Seven, who was really beat up from the fight and turned into a babay, rules the realm.
I know the ruler of Teletubbyland.
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by Teletubby Lover!!!! June 19, 2018
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