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A little rat child that eats his own shit on a daily basis because he believes it would increase the size of his deformed cock which he uses to impress his African tribe, he usually hangs around the bar where he smocks foreskins and makes sping rolls with them. He is known as the bitch of the tribe
"yo can you fix my toilet? shit is clogged in it?" "is that so? just call Tekira the rat to eat the shit, he got this!"
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by monkwizardjesus October 10, 2019
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Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
by Zozogabobo December 04, 2020
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the type of rat to get fingered by a group of kids because he thought he was the shit, instead he ate their shit, his also a keyboard warrior thats a fat pussy thats gets defended by little girls. his best quality is sucking toes and using his small penis as fish impregnater
"do you know Tekira" "oh that ugly rat that just stole our food? yeah we made him eat our shit"
by WizardGodJesus October 10, 2019
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Te Kira is a large maori tribe of Ngati Porou & others .
Te Kira's are the meanest maori's out . don't mess with them unless you want a go of the wack wack stick .
they are often hilarious and fun to be with, and you will not like them when they are angry . they are ALWAYS good looking . it runs in the family .
Oi bro, lets go roll him/her for his/her nikes !
NAH ! he/she looks like a Te Kira, don't fuck with him/her ow !
by qwerty2393 March 08, 2011
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Someone who is very smart, very crazy, weird, extremely funny, and energetic. Is very sexy and a very good flirt. Also can fool others with their intelligence.
Someone who is the nicest person one minute, and can be the meanest in the next. So don't fuck with one.
Damn she sexy. Who? Her over there. Oh, yea. She's a Tekira. But don't fuck with her. Why? She'll kill you.
by Twinkie kid November 25, 2010
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