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The name of a person either guy or girl.

Usually, a girl name (Indian), that means “glory of love”. This girl can be powerful or shy. Just don’t get on her bad side 😉

(Nickname *Tej)
Jessica: Hey, I heard that Tejpreet girl doesn’t talk...weird right?

Tom: What do you mean, she is so funny and talks a lot(not in a bad way)

Jessica: *looks puzzled

Tom: You have to get to know her first
by Cjdab0ss May 17, 2018
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(n.)A term used to describe a fat, gay person

(v.)An act where you put curry in your ass and have a man eat it out
(n.)Dude that guy Jerry is such a Tejpreet

(v.) I just saw Jerry do a Tejpreet with my dad
by b8m8 July 13, 2016
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