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An Asian who is sweet, loving, caring, compassionate and protective. He learns from his mistakes and he has a past. Once he finds a girl that he truly loves he will stick with her no matter what. He is amazing in bed. He can fight but will only do so if he truly cares about what he is fighting for. He knows his drugs and he knows right from wrong. He's smart and sexy and can think very deeply and he is poetic. Hes an athlete and can speak multiple languages. Hes fast, fearless and strong. he's fit, he would never hit a women and he has pride and morals. He's kindhearted and he is awesome with children. Hes silly but he is mature. He acts like a child sometimes but it really cute! He's a best friend a lover a fighter and a companion for life. He doesn't judge and he is very accepting and understanding.
I wish i could have a guy like Teijo.
by shinedown420 April 25, 2014
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