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Tehdrood somtimes otherwise known as The drood or The druid is likely one of the greatest druids in the world. Tehdrood's skills at PvP and PvE are unlike anything seen before. Tehdrood was actually the first to ever solo Illidan, a feat of unheard of proportions. Tehdrood is the best. Ever.
"Tehdrood is so good he makes me cry"-Trivillien

"Tehdrood pwned me so hard I actually deleted all of my characters and cut my wrist"-Bobbler

Tehdrood I love you!-Lead

"Tehdrood make love to me right now"-Funnybone

"Tehdrood is the best"-Tehdrood

"Clearly I am no match for Tehdrood"-Trudger

by Kalgan April 24, 2008
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