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1. the most awkward period of time know to any single person
2. when most people lose their virginity and/or have an unexpected pregnancy
3. when one's parents begin to hate them
4. the beginning of poverty in one's life
5. when everyone in school starts giving you looks and whispering giddily for other reasons than you just walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper on your shoe
6. when you find out what thing "down there" really does
7. when you stay home on days you're NOT sick
8. when you realize "i want candy" is not about a sugar craving, and several other songs take on new meanings
9. when you realize there are other things in the world than what your parents tell you
10. the last time in life when the only thing you're worried about is the party on Friday night
11. when experimenting turns to habit to craving to crutch to addiction all in a few weeks
12. when you find out who your real friends are
13. when you truly believe you can change the way other people think
14. when you discover apathy
15. when you actually have the time to spend looking things like this up on

Teenagehood fits right into the series of human life.
by Josh and Steph February 04, 2006
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