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It is a growing genre of literature pretty much because of the growing anxiety in the modern times that even the teenagers are affected. In this genre, teenagers struggle to live their own free ways in a very constricted, totalitarian, conservative, and sometimes post-apocalyptic world. Many of these struggles turn against them so bad that the impact greatly affects others of their same age. It has been read widely because plenty are aware of the horrible outcomes that anxiety, nowadays, may bring to us.

The main protagonists, as the word suggests, are almost entirely teenagers whose main goal, according to their nature, is to simply be free from anything. The main antagonist are their oppressors such as adults, totalitarian governments, and the society with diminished moral conducts and humanistic values. The latter is also the setting because it is the cage or the jail where teenagers longed for their freedom. The nature of this genre is violent most of the times and the content may be too obscure such as killing teenagers. In movies, they can be too disturbing to watch because of the violence set directly towards teens.
The Hunger Games trilogy, Insurgent, The Long Walk, Rage, Fahrenheit 451, The Giver, 1984, Lord of the Flies, Brave New World, Unwind, Battle Royale, and Human.4 are examples of Teenage Dystopia literature.
by bowzerD January 14, 2013
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